How is a Behavioural Health Consultant different from a clinician?

A Behavioral Health Consultant holds a doctorate in Behavioral Health. Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers and other medical providers are trained to search for disorders and diagnoses. These diagnoses can be harmful as they can act as a label and even serve as an identity for some people. Behavioral Health Consultant do not look for something “wrong” with you—hence, they are not looking for a cure because you’re not broken! Most people develop patterns of thinking and acting in their life that at times are harmful to themselves and their relationships. What clinicians diagnose as Major Depressive Disorder may merely be a pattern of negative focus and self-language.

A Behavioral Health Consultant will address maladaptive patterns and link the emotion that serves as the driving force for the behavior or thought processes. By bringing these items to conscious awareness, enables a change in perception. This, coupled with new strategies for interruption of the pattern results in a sustainable transformation. Much like a sports coach is to an elite athlete, these learnings offer an individual to grow with a new set of skills which lead them to a richer, fuller life…free of the negative forces which once guided them.
This modality also allows more confidentiality than traditional forms of behavioral medicine. Diagnoses entered by clinicians into an electronic medical record can follow a person for the rest of their life. With this kind of synergistic interaction, there are no disorders or diagnoses—only differences. Your challenges are not entered into any computer system which always carries the risk of being compromised.

How does this work?

Cathexis is the investment energy into another form which can be a person, idea, or object. It’s a profound way of attachment to something usually greater than ourselves. When we cathect, we form more profound connections with others which comes from a place of authenticity and passion.

Cathexis is a critical part of personal development. Teaching others requires cathexis. For another to join your vision, elicit positive sustainable change, and dismantle limiting beliefs and emotions means connecting with people at a deep level. A good behavioral health consultant essentially acts as a catalyst which means they serve to bring about a specific biochemical reaction (within your mind and body) to foster adaptation to a particular environment.

What can these services do for you?

Prepare yourself for change

We will tap into your audacity, strength, passion, and confidence to help you overcome any challenge or unexpected change that occurs. Personal development exercises are designed to support self-efficacy and allow you to capitalize on your past achievements.

Employ yourself to create a plan for success

Self-reflection exercises with worksheets will help you get clear and focused on your goals and objective which will radically change your perception and help you achieve your full potential.

Grow as a professional

You will learn how to stand out in your profession and learn how to become truly indispensable to your employer and allow you to step out of your comfort zone by completing exercises designed to challenge yourself and get what you’re after.

Achieve and focus on health and fitness goals

More energy, more strength and more accountability is obtained by having a Master Fitness Specialist and certified Personal Trainer track your fitness and health goals. You will learn to stay committed for real results! Dr. Lee encourages the use of a WHOOP, Fitbit, Apple watch, or other personalized fitness tracker. You will learn the importance of goal setting and have the ability to track cardiovascular exercise, sleep, and recovery with your personalized fitness device. You will also be able to track unhealthy habits such as alcohol use and see how these habits effect your recovery, sleep, and even academic success.

Increase your relationship intelligence

Learning about the six human needs which drive all social interactions will allow you the ability to create and support lasting connections with others. With specific interventions, you will learn how to obtain fulfillment in professional and personal relationships. Couples will learn how to become better communicators and learn strategies that allow them to deepen their love and connection with each other.

Become a more effective leader

Through a series of client-focused exercises, you will learn to break through your perceived limitations and gain the expertise to stay motivated, even when faced with significant challenges. You will learn tools to influence, inspire, and connect with others.